Peter Schmitt has become an Associate Professor

Congratulations to Peter Schmitt, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio, who has been appointed Associate Professor (Docent) in Human Geography at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Stockholm University.

Peter’s research has covered topics like ‘planning for polycentricity in European metropolitan areas’, ‘relational geographies and inter-city connectivities’, ‘the discursive construction of regions’, the ‘applicability’ and ‘integration’ of normative images in strategic spatial planning as well as ‘structures, processes and practices related to territorial governance’. In doing so, the geographic focus has moved between the local up to the transnational level by empirically comparing various territorial and institutional contexts across Europe. In recent years Peter has been involved in a number of projects at Nordregio, such as East-West Window, Sustainable Urban Metabolism for Europe, SUPER-CITIES, Territorial Approaches to New Governance and Co-creating Attractive and Sustainable Urban Areas and Lifestyles.

Between 2011 and 2013 Peter has also worked as a Guest Lecturer at the Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University, where he has been particularly involved in the Master Programme in Urban and Regional Planning. In January 2014 he got a permanent position there as a Senior Lecturer, which he will continue full time with once his employment at Nordregio comes to an end.

The appointment as docent is based on scientific merits and pedagogical skills acquired after the PhD. The scientific merits shall be characterised by high quality, independency, originality and good presentation ability.