Nordic co-operation helps immigrant women gain a foothold on the labour market

A new guidebook helps local authorities and national agencies improve the integration of immigrant women in the labour market. The potential is great – for the women, their children and society.

“The Nordic countries are similar, so it makes sense to share experiences. The guidebook provides insight into initiatives that have proven effective at integrating immigrant women into the labour market,” says Catrine Bangum, senior advisor to the Nordic Council of Ministers. Veje til beskæftigelse for flygtninge- og indvandrerkvinder (Pathways to employment for female refugees and immigrants) seeks to address the fact that while there is strong demand for labour in the Nordic countries, too few female refugees and immigrants are currently in work. Nordic research also shows that successful integration of women in the labour market also improves the integration of their children. The guidebook is designed to support and enhance these positive outcomes.

The guidebook (in Danish) can be found here.

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