Nordregio Magazine 4 2020

New mobility solutions for rural areas

Rural regions require a fresh approach to tackle mobility and accessibility challenges. Over the past three years, the MAMBA project has supported local initiatives across the Baltic Sea Region designed to break the vicious circle of depopulation and service decline. The latest issue of Nordregio Magazine invites us to visit pilot places around the region and learn about sustainable ways to provide better connectivity for rural areas.

Mobility poverty is a major hurdle for socio-economic prosperity in rural areas all across Europe. Inadequate public transport coverage and low frequency prevents the population from accessing services and social and economic opportunities. The...

“Wherever you live, you should have the same access to services,” says Anita Āboliņa, Project Manager of the MAMBA pilot initiative in Vidzeme Planning Region, Latvia’s largest and most sparsely populated region. Enhancing rural mobility...

On 3 September, the MAMBA project hosted the launch of its Final Conference/Webinar series, titled “No future for rural Europe? Breaking the vicious circle with successful mobility and accessibility ideas”. Due to COVID19, what was planned as a...

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