Nordregio Magazine 2 2020

BONUS BASMATI: maritime planning for the future

Successful planning of maritime space requires accurate data, a diverse group of stakeholders and access to the best available knowledge. The BONUS BASMATI project has contributed to all three areas within a relatively new field of maritime spatial planning based on ecosystem services thinking. In this issue, we invite you to a Baltic journey of developing tools to model various planning scenarios to explain complex processes and engage stakeholders.

Venturing into the relatively new field of maritime spatial planning, the BONUS BASMATI project has developed new ways to integrate maritime and coastal ecosystem services into planning processes in the Baltic Sea Region. Accurate data on ecosystem...

Maritime spatial planning involves a highly diverse group of stakeholders, from fishers and aquaculture, energy and shipping companies to ecologists and those who use the coast and ocean for leisure and recreation. Not to forget the people who live...

One of the main prerequisites of successful stakeholder engagement in maritime spatial planning (MSP) is providing access to the best available knowledge – data about the marine space and maritime activities, as well as the ways in which they...

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