Nordregio Magazine 6 2020

Nordic learnings 2020:

Housing, Inclusive towns and Skills

The final issue of Nordregio Magazine 2020 highlights the main messages from the three sessions of Nordregio Forum that took place in November.

The housing markets in the Nordic countries have gone through major changes during the last decades. Financialization exacerbates the urban-rural divide and more and more people struggle to enter the markets. How do we change this development? Also, with a significant influx of immigrants, cities and towns are becoming more diverse – and segregated. How do we plan and create inclusive cities for all? Finally, the Magazine looks at the importance of proactive skills development and life-long learning to match the needs of future labour markets affected by digitalisation and automation. Enjoy the reading!

Since the 1990’s, the financialisation of the Nordic housing markets has meant that homes are increasingly being considered as objects of investment rather than objects of use. This has fundamentally changed the dynamics of the market, creating...

Creating communities where everyone can meet, contribute and thrive, regardless of background, remains a key challenge when planning our towns and cities. The population growth in the Nordic countries is mainly driven by immigration, a fact that...

One-third of all Nordic jobs are at risk of being automated. At the same time, new roles are emerging in relation to digitalisation, the green transition, and demographic changes such as ageing and immigration. This transformation calls for new...

2020 has been a tough year for tourism and we are yet to witness the full regional and national impacts across the world. This year also provides an opportunity to take a step back and ponder what kind of tourism is sustainable in the long run? Has...

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