Nordregio Magazine 1 2021

The paradoxes of sustainable post-pandemic tourism

After a year of travel restrictions, it is evident that the tourism industry is one of the most affected. But the last 12 months have also provided time for reflection on what signifies sustainable tourism in the long run. Is it at all possible for tourism to grow in a sustainable manner? Has the pandemic permanently changed the way we travel?

It is clearer than ever that a recalibration of the industry is much needed. More sustainable business models and tourism strategies must be employed to ensure that small, local tourism companies can thrive and enable tourists to contribute to local development.

This first issue of Nordregio Magazine 2021, focuses on the pandemic’s impact on tourism across the Nordic countries, how to measure economic benefits of tourism, and develop regional strategies and smart tools to move forward in a more sustainable way – if possible?

The content builds on discussions and presentations during the recent Nordregio Forum session #4 on Sustainable Tourism Post-Covid.

If you have missed the four Nordregio Forum 2020 sessions, you can watch them on Nordregio’s Youtube Channel.

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