No future for rural Europe?

On 3 September, the MAMBA project hosted the launch of its Final Conference/Webinar series, titled “No future for rural Europe? Breaking the vicious circle with successful mobility and accessibility ideas”. Due to COVID19, what was planned as a two-day event in Berlin, had to be redesigned to an online event, split into three parts. If you missed the chance to attend them, watch the recordings in this article.

The first session that took place on 3 September tried to set the scene when it comes to rural mobility and explored its challenges and necessities. The conference started with a keynote speech from Laurie Pickup, International Projects Director Vectos Ltd., Honorary Professor of European Transport Policy at the University of Aberdeen. It was followed by a discussion regarding the social, economic, legal and cultural factors that influence the success and failure of mobility and accessibility innovations.

During the last part of the web conference, the 100 participants joined breakout sessions that dealt with topics such as gender and mobility, transport poverty, the dichotomy between urban and rural and more.

If you missed the chance to take part in the first session of the MAMBA web conference, you could watch the recordings below and find the presentations here. 

Session #1 Setting the scene, exploring the challenge

Breakout Sessions – Delve deeper: What challenge are you most interested in?

  • What is transport poverty and how to eliminate it?
  • Why does gender matter in rural mobility?
  • Urban vs. Rural? What makes genuinely rural mobility solutions and why are they
  • Mobility and public transport access in socially deprived urban areas in Sweden

Session #2 Stories from MAMBA and beyond

If you missed this session, you can watch the recording below and find all the presentations here. 


Session #3 How can mobility policies open the road for better mobility and accessibility in rural areas?

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