Skills for regional development: new discussion paper from Nordregio

Nordregio invites feedback on the draft of a new report, as part of the working process under the Nordic Co-operation Programme for Regional Development

A new discussion paper, titled Skills Policies – Building Capacities and Resilient Nordic Regions, has been published as part of the work of the Nordic Thematic Group for Innovative and Resilient Regions.

The paper is designed to provide a background and a foundation for the upcoming in-depth study Skills Policies – Building Capacities for Innovative and Resilient Nordic Regions. This study will include regional case studies in all Nordic countries to be conducted in 2019. The aim of this discussion paper is to:

  • Introduce the topic of skills and discuss different definitions and approaches to skills
  • Provide an overview of national skills policies and priorities, as well as the main actors in the Nordic countries, and to provide examples of regional skills projects
  • Introduce an analytical framework for the study of skills policies increase knowledge and open up a discussion on skills and of how Nordic regions work with skills in order to promote joint learning.

The discussion paper consists of the preliminary findings from a knowledge and literature review, alongside an analytical discussion regarding the theoretical frameworks within which the upcoming in-depth study is conceived.

Send your feedback to Nordregio Junior Research Fellow Alex Cuadrado.

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