Carbon Neutral Islands – a networking initiative

Together with Nordic Energy Research, Nordregio is building up a network of Nordic islands all striving to become carbon neutral and using the characteristics of being an island community as a tool towards this end.

The Carbon Neutral Islands project is an initiative with the aim to establish a network of Nordic islands with ambitions and possibilities for becoming carbon neutral. During 2019, the project has mapped earlier and ongoing R&D and other types of projects at Nordic “Islands” with the aim to achieve a carbon-neutral energy system as well as mapping relevant Nordic R&D groups and other local resources, supporting or working towards a carbon-neutral energy system.

The aim is to analyse the local impacts of carbon-neutral solutions for local communities (entrepreneurship, jobs, local economic and social effects for businesses and citizens, new educational opportunities, innovation within renewable energy production and consumption etc.) and investigate the possibilities for establishing a university department with the heading of the UN University on Isolated Carbon Neutral Systems

A workshop was held at Nordregio in November 2019 and an event is planned in Bonn, Germany in June 2020 at the next UNFCCC intermediate meeting in the lead up to COP20 in Glasgow next year.

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