Carbon Neutral Islands

Agenda 2030, the UN sustainability goals and the Paris Agreement encourage all a heavy reduction of climate emissions towards 2030.

The Faroese Energy company SEV won in 2015 the Nordic Councils Environmental Price for their work with renewable energy sources and vision “100by2030” about 100% green electricity supply at the Faroes within 2030. The Faroes self government is aiming for that the whole energy consumption at land must be electrified and covered by renewable energy sources in 2030. Further is the Nordic Energy Policy Cooperation Programme 2018-2021 emphasizing that : “Norden and the Nordic energy cooperation is also characterised by the potential specific challenges in the energy area at Greenland, Faroes and Åland. This also applies to areas being more isolated and not connected to the common market for power”.

This project is an initiative with the aim to establish a network of Nordic islands with ambitions and possibilities for becoming carbon neutral. During 2019, the project will:
– Map earlier and ongoing R&D and other types of projects at Nordic “Islands” with the aim to achieve a carbon neutral energy system.
– Map relevant Nordic R&D groups as well as other local resources, supporting or working towards a carbon neutral energy system.
– Analyse the local impacts of carbon neutral solutions for local communities (entrepreneurship, jobs, local economic and social effects for businesses and citizens, new educational opportunities, innovation within renewable energy production and consumption etc.)
– Investigate the possibilities for establishing a university department with the heading of the UN University on Isolated Carbon Neutral Systems
– Hold a workshop for the island representatives