17 Sep, 2021

Challenges turned into advantages: the story of remote communities during COVID-19

The Regional Studies Association highlights that the COVID-19 pandemic challenged the perception that remote rural and island regions are defined in terms of what they lack concerning urban centres. During the pandemic, rural areas were...
16 Sep, 2021

Nordregio at Rural Research Day 2021

Research has shown that rural areas own enormous development potential when it comes to value creation and employment in green conversion. Public-private partnerships, industrial communities, and sustainability as common goals are among the tools...
13 Sep, 2021

Nordregio at the International Union for Conservation of Nature World Congress

French Institute Nordic Award winner and Nordregio Research Fellow Justine Ramage participated at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) World Congress in Marseille, presenting her work on permafrost. An event of huge proportions,...
10 Sep, 2021

Panel discussion “Youth journey towards a sustainable economy”

Stopping environmental degradation through innovative production and consumption patterns has never been as high on the agenda as it is now. Much attention is drawn to youth who are breaking old habits and introducing new ways to accelerate the...
10 Sep, 2021

Why territory matters for implementing active subsidiarity in EU regional policy

There has never been a more opportune moment for the European Commission to strengthen the role of sub-national stakeholders and citizens in EU regional policy. National governments across the EU seem prepared to devolve power to lower levels of...
6 Sep, 2021

Nordregio is hiring two Junior Research Fellows!

Nordregio is currently looking for Finnish and Icelandic speaking Junior Research Fellows within sustainable regional development. Are you interested in working in a leading Nordic research institute within the broad research fields of regional...


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