7 Apr, 2020

Fiscal Frameworks report and webinar now available

The report Fiscal Frameworks and Fiscal Sustainability in the Nordics was launched via a webinar on Friday the 3rd of April. The report was commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers and written by Lars Calmfors. Timothy Heleniak of Nordregio...
7 Apr, 2020

Nunataryuk: fieldwork in Qaanaaq, Greenland

Qaanaaq is the northernmost town in Greenland. A young village established in 1953, Qaanaaq is mainly a town of hunters and trappers. Nordregio’s researcher Leneisja Jungsberg spent three weeks in February in Qaannaaq conducting fieldwork to...
7 Apr, 2020

New report: Building affordable homes

Why does the contemporary Nordic welfare state lack affordable housing? Nordic cities are segregated, and new housing development, application of diverse forms of tenure, and housing subsidies are examples of tools that can either worsen or reduce...
19 Mar, 2020

Five Nordic planning systems: How do we manage urban spaces?

Nordic cities share significant values for developing green urban spaces, however, the local policies and legal framework in each country unfold a variety of planning strategies. Planning systems in the Nordic countries have often been considered...
9 Mar, 2020

Welcome to spring webinars on rural digitalisation and attractiveness

This spring, Nordregio runs a series of webinars focusing on rural digitalisation and more specifically on manufacturing, tourism and bioeconomy. At the beginning of April, we shift to Rural Attractiveness: What makes some regions thrive and succeed...
19 Feb, 2020

Agenda 2030 at the local level – the work continues

The Nordic countries are often placed at the top of global rankings on sustainable development. In October 2019, Nordregio organized a conference for Nordic municipalities on local work with the UN sustainable development goals. This has now...


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