14 Oct, 2021

Nordregio at the Arctic Circle Assembly 2021

Nordregio researchers Anna Karlsdóttir and Ágúst Bogason participate in Arctic Circle Assembly 2021 – the largest annual international gathering on the Arctic. They will present the Nordic Arctic Cooperation Programme and moderate a session....
13 Oct, 2021

New Report: COVID-19 increased the employment gap in the Nordic labour markets

A new study by Nordregio shows that the pandemic has increased social and economic inequalities in the Nordics. In all countries, foreign-born employees have lost their jobs to a larger extent than their native-born peers, especially...
11 Oct, 2021

Nordregio and SLU host a conference “Ruralities and Regions in Transition”

The Division of Rural Development (SLU) in collaboration with Nordregio gather all the Swedish rural researchers together in a unique setting in Åkerberga, 11-12 November. Ruralities and Regions in Transition is a conference that offers the...
6 Oct, 2021

Citizen engagement in policy formulation – New article from Nordregio researchers

Policy impact assessments are not enough to increase citizen awareness and support for EU Regional Policy – argues a new article written by Nordregio researchers.  The article “From impact assessments towards proactive citizen...
5 Oct, 2021

Nordregio is now an official research entity of Eurostat

The Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) has recognised Nordregio as a research institute and has officially included it in its list of research entities. This represents an important assessment for the Nordregio researchers...
5 Oct, 2021

Rediscovering the assets of rural areas

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the public attitude toward the rural areas has significantly changed. Peripheries became a refuge for maintaining health, wellbeing, strengthening community ties and local economies. This was clearly highlighted by...


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