6 Jul, 2021

New project: Local ownership in sustainable energy systems

Uppsala University and Nordregio are starting a new project on sustainable local energy systems in Sweden. The new project, called Local ownership in transitions towards sustainable energy systems, is a three-year research project funded by the...
18 Jun, 2021

Nordregio at the International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences

The Arctic is home to approximately four million people, counting numerous ethnicities among its inhabitants and more than ten percent of the total population living in there is Indigenous peoples. All aspects of human existence in the Arctic in the...
9 Jun, 2021

Smart Planning for Healthy and Green Nordic Cities

The integration of people’s well-being and the access to green spaces into city planning, the support for urban settlements to be liveable, resilient, and sustainable are some key goals for city planning in the Nordics. These and many...
27 May, 2021

Silver Economy study at the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference

Adaptation to new demographic trends and challenges posed to the welfare system are two of the focus points of the Baltic Sea Region. These issues will be discussed on 31 May at the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC), where Nordregio...
25 May, 2021

Gender equality in the Arctic – freshly published report!

The importance of gender and diversity issues has become increasingly evident and has been engaging researchers worldwide. The Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group and The Icelandic Chairmanship of the Arctic Council zoom in on these...
25 May, 2021

Youth leadership practices in the circular economy shared with CBSS

Sustainable management and use of Earth’s natural resources have been at the core of public debates aiming for a fast post-pandemic recovery. In the Baltic Sea region, a lot of focus is drawn on resource-intensive sectors such as textiles, food,...


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