15 Sep, 2020

Webbseminarium – Återhämtning efter covid-19 på Åland: Kapital och Kompetensförsörjning

Den 9 september bjöd Ålands landskapsregering in till lärandeseminarium som anordnas i samband med utvärderingarna av Landsbygdsutvecklingsprogrammet (LBU) och Strukturfondsprogrammet. Seminariet med namnet ”Återhämtning efter Covid-19 på...
11 Sep, 2020

Online workshop 24 September: NordMap in a nutshell

We are happy to invite you to the 3rd online NordMap workshop on 24 September at 9 am, where you will get a change to be introduced to NordMap in a nutshell and get familiar with the tool in 30min. During the workshop we will show you how to: Find...
8 Sep, 2020

A pressing problem: Are the rural housing markets frozen?

In many rural areas, the market val­ue of houses is low – often considerably below the cost of construction. As a consequence, it is very difficult to obtain the loan to build or buy. This ‘freezes’ the market and has a negative...
31 Aug, 2020

Key actors in social innovation in rural areas

Rural areas often face challenges such as demographic change and the closure of public services. To address this situation, some rural communities have developed solutions called social innovation. Nordregio’s researcher Leneisja...
28 Aug, 2020

Online workshop 11 September: How to compare and see change over time in maps!

Is our region ranking high or low on employment? How do I compare with other Nordic regions and countries? Has the situation changed in the past 10 years? With NordMap-webmapping tool all this is easy to do, just join our next workshop and we will...
3 Jul, 2020

Online workshop 27 August: Learn to make maps in 30min!

NordMap is easy and free to use web-mapping tool – We are happy to show you online on 27 August at 9am, and it only takes about 30min! Are you studying or working with regional development and planning? Or perhaps just interested in regional...


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