3 Jul, 2020

Online workshop 27 August: Learn to make maps in 30min!

NordMap is easy and free to use web-mapping tool – We are happy to show you online on 27 August at 9am, and it only takes about 30min! Are you studying or working with regional development and planning? Or perhaps just interested in regional...
7 Apr, 2020

New report: Building affordable homes

Why does the contemporary Nordic welfare state lack affordable housing? Nordic cities are segregated, and new housing development, application of diverse forms of tenure, and housing subsidies are examples of tools that can either worsen or reduce...
29 May, 2019

New issue of Nordregio Magazine: Jobs for immigrants

The Nordic countries have received more refugees than most other regions in Europe in the last years.Finding jobs for these new citizens is a major challenge, if they end up staying. The latest issue of Nordregio Magazine presents the highlights...
2 Apr, 2019

Many faces of segregated cities: a Nordic Overview

Nordic event and new report highlight the need for increased efforts to combat segregation in Nordic cities. Nordic cities are segregated and characterized by economic and social barriers that challenge the idea of the Nordic region as inclusive and...
6 Mar, 2019

6-8 March ReNEW conference: Sweden and Finland front-runners in naturalisation

The Nordic societies are increasingly multicultural and the number of the population with foreign background is on the rise. Naturalisation is often viewed as “the last step” of the integration process where a person is granted the citizenship...
23 Jan, 2019

Nordic cooperation – an important milestone for integration and knowledge exchange

Senior Research Fellow Anna Karlsdóttir published an article on labour market integration in the Nordic countries and the extensive collaboration between the Nordic countries in the latest issue of Baltic RIM Economies. Nordregio and Nordic Welfare...