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October 2020

Finnish medical record service (Omakanta) users, as a share of total population, in 2018

The map shows the share of total population that use the online medical record service Omakanta in Finland. These figures are of particular interest in the context of the urban-rural digital divide. The darkest green shade on the map indicates the...
October 2020

Households’ access to basic broadband in 2018

The map shows the proportion of households within each municipality that did not have access to a fixed-line broadband connection with a download speed above 30 Mbps in 2018. Put another way, the map shows the proportion of households which only had...
October 2020

At-risk-of-poverty rate 2011-2018 change

The map shows the “at-risk-of-poverty” (AROP) rate in the Nordic Region. For the period from 2004 to 2018, the AROP rate increased in all Nordic countries except Iceland. This trend was strongest in Sweden. In Finland the AROP rate has been...
October 2020

Income and inequality typology 2017

The map shows a typology, combining two indicators to display income disparities between and within municipalities. The map combines measurements of household disposable income (HDI) and the Gini Index to create four “types” of income...
October 2020

Unemployment rate 2018

The map shows the unemployment rate in the Nordic counties at the municipal level in 2018. Unemployment is measured as the total number of unemployed (i.e. people who were not in employment, but seeking job and available to take up an employment) as...
October 2020

Tertiary education attainment level of 30- to 34-year-olds 2019

The map shows the proportion of the population aged 30-34 years old, who had a tertiary education at the European level in 2019. Purple shades indicate higher proportions, and pinkish shades reflect lower proportions. It is common to show the...
October 2020

Population aged 80 years and over, as a share of total population, in 2019

This map shows the proportion of the population aged 80 years or over at municipal and regional levels in 2019. These figures are of particular interest as they provide an overview of those municipalities with an unbalanced age distribution in terms...
October 2020

Internal net migration of 30 to 39 years-of-age, by gender, in 2010-2019

This map shows a typology that divides the Nordic municipalities and regions into four migration categories: positive net migration for both males and females (green on the map), positive male net migration (blue on the map), positive female net...