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2020 December

How to prepare for Home Alone Christmas 2020?

The conditions for a Home Alone Christmas vary greatly across the Nordic Region. The combination of the selected two accessibility indicators is visualised on Nordregio’s Christmas Map 2020. It classifies the Nordic municipalities into nine...
October 2020

Labour market impacts of COVID-19

On May 17, 2020, 94% of the world’s workers were living in countries with some form of workplace closure measures in place (ILO, 2020). While it is too early to make predictions about the long-term consequences of this, it is possible to make some...
October 2020

Travel time by train from Copenhagen or Malmö

The travel times indicate the fastest morning connection outbound from Copenhagen Central Station or Malmö Central Station, departing after 6:30AMand arriving before 9:00AM. The station catchments are calculated by bicycle travel time for any time...
October 2020

Greater Copenhagen Region

This map shows the Greater Copenhagen Region, which constists of 85 municipalities and four regional authorities: the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand on the Danish side, and the regions of Skåne and Halland on the Swedish side.
October 2020

Local labour market areas in the Greater Copenhagen Region 2018

This map shows both the location of the four case studies of the Triborder activity 3 in the Greater Copenhagen Region and the local labour market areas in this cross-border region.
September 2020

Population projection 2017-2040

This map shows the expected population change in Nordic municipalities by looking at the change between 2017 and 2040. The colours on the main map indicates the percentage of population change at municipal level between 2017 and 2040. Shades of red...
May 2020

Broadband speed avalibility and coverage

Ambitious broadband connectivity targets have been set across the Nordic Region, with most countries working towards universal access to download speeds of >100 Mbps for all households. The deadline for reaching this target varies between...
May 2020

Household coverage of NGA broadband 2018

These maps highlight the urban-rural divide with respect to household coverage of Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband in the Nordic-Baltic Region in 2018. NGA includes a range of technologies, all of which deliver minimum download speeds of 30...