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Mobility changes due to COVID-19

This map shows the difference in mobility to workplaces between a weekday (April 23rd, 2020) and the corresponding weekday during the period January 7th to February 6th, 2020 (in percent). The data highlights the percent change in visits to...

Community Impact by second home users in 2018

This map depicts the community impact (CI) of second home users in 2018[1] The indicator illustrates the impact of occasional second home visitors to the municipality. CI is defined as the ratio between annual inhabitants (AI) and regular population...

Nordic local labour market areas 2018

This map shows the Nordic local labour market areas (LLMAs) in 2018, based on their size (number of municipalities) and whether the employment rate was above or below 75%. The data analysis to calculate LLMAs is based on national statistics on the...

Internal net migration as percentage of population 2010–2018

This map shows annual average internal net migration rate at the municipal and regional level in 2010-2018. The map shows the percentage change from internal migration for the period 2010 to 2018. Internal or domestic migration refers to migration...

Typology of foreign-born population 0–19 years 2019

This map shows Nordic municipalities classified by the characteristics of foreign-born young population (under 19 years of age) Young people are a vitality marker for the regions in which they live. In many rural and remote areas, the share of the...

Change in household disposable income 2011–2017

This map shows the change in household disposable income at the municipal level during the period 2011-2017. The blue colours indicate an increase in average household disposable income and the red colours indicate a decrease in average household...

Share of jobs at “high risk” of automation

This map shows the share of jobs at “high risk” of automation at the municipal level The map shows the share of jobs at “high risk” of automation based on the methodology of Frey and Osborne as outlined in the paper “The future of...

Females with tertiary education 2018

This map shows the number of females aged 25-64 with tertiary level educational attainment as a share of the total population aged 25-64 in Nordic municipalities and regions. In the Nordic countries, the educational level is generally high....