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Early leavers from education and training 2016

This map shows the percent of early school leavers in the Nordic Region (NUTS 2 level) and Baltic states in 2016, calculated as the total number of individuals aged 18-24 having a lower secondary education as the highest level attained and not being...

Gross Regional Product per capita in million PPP 2015

This map shows the gross regional product per capita in million purchasing power parity (PPP) in all Nordic and Baltic Regions in 2015. The green tones indicate regions with a gross regional product per capita above the EU28 average. The darker the...

NEET rate for young people 18-25 years in 2016

Share of young people aged 18-25 years neither in employment nor in education and training in 2016 There are a range of reasons why a young person may become part of the “NEETs” group, including (but not limited to): complex personal or family...

Youth unemployment rate in 2016

The map highlights two Polish regions, Podkarpackie and Lubuskie, as having the highest youth unemployment rates in the BSR. Several other regions in Poland, along with regions in Northern Finland, Central Sweden and the southernmost Swedish region...

Maritime boundaries in Northern Europe in 2015

As of 1 January 2015

Tertiary education among working-age population, change 2010-2015

The Nordic countries, as well as Estonia and Lithuania, have had among the highest levels of tertiary education in Europe in recent years. This map demonstrates that many regions, particularly those in Poland, are catching up. Several Lithuanian and...

Shipping routes and OPS ports

Main shipping routes in 2015 and ports with onshore power supply (OPS) in 2016

Total population change

Average total population change (in percent) in 2002-2008 and 2009-2015