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Change in household disposable income 2011–2017

This map shows the change in household disposable income at the municipal level during the period 2011-2017. The blue colours indicate an increase in average household disposable income and the red colours indicate a decrease in average household...

Smart specialisation domains in Swedish regions

This map gives an overview of the S3 focus areas in the Swedish regions in 2019. The major S3 domains in Sweden shown in the map provide a good overview of the key specialisation areas in Sweden. It is possible, for example, to check which Swedish...

Share of jobs at “high risk” of automation

This map shows the share of jobs at “high risk” of automation at the municipal level The map shows the share of jobs at “high risk” of automation based on the methodology of Frey and Osborne as outlined in the paper “The future of...

Females with tertiary education 2018

This map shows the number of females aged 25-64 with tertiary level educational attainment as a share of the total population aged 25-64 in Nordic municipalities and regions. In the Nordic countries, the educational level is generally high....

Change in the share of young adults 2000–2019

This map shows the change in young adults (20–29 years) share of total population 2000–2019. Young people are a vitality marker for the regions in which they live. At age 20–29 people are generally either enrolled in vocational or tertiary...

Household disposable income – gross regional product ratio 2016

This map shows the ratio between household disposable income (HDI) and gross regional product (GRP) at regional level across Europe in 2016. A ratio of around 1 indicates that HDI and GRP are at a similar level, in which case GRP could be an...

People employed in the bioeconomy excluding NACE sector A in 2017 and 2009-2017 change

These maps show the number of jobs in the bioeconomy sectors as a share of the total employment in 2017 (left) and 2009-2017 change (right), excluding the NACE A sectors. The non-NACE-A sectors have seen a more moderate decrease in Finland but a...

Internal and international net migration 2010-2018

This map shows internal and international net migration in 2010-2018. The map shows the combination of domestic migration (left-hand bar) and international migration (right-hand bar), with red indicating net out-migration and green indicating net...