Nordregio regularly hosts interns from a variety of universities around Europe. Placements vary in length from two months up to six months, with the exact period and working grade subject to individual agreement.

General information

Nordregio welcomes internship applications at any time however the two main application periods are as follows:

  • April/May (for internships the following Autumn)
  • September/October (for internships the following Spring)

Placements vary in length from two months up to six months, with the exact period and working grade subject to individual agreement. The specific skills we require from interns varies depending on our project needs. In general, we look for applicants who are:

  • Comfortable working independently and as part of a team
  • Studying in an area relevant to Nordregio’s work (e.g. sustainable development, political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, economic geography, urban and/or regional planning or similar)
  • Able to work proficiently in English and ideally have at least some knowledge of one the Scandinavian languages, Finnish, Icelandic, Greenlandic or Faroese

In return, we offer the chance to be part of an international, multidisciplinary team working on a range of issues related to rural and regional development and urban planning.

Other things that are good to know:

  • The internship should form a part of the studies
  • An income (grants, scholarships or student aid) is needed to intern at Nordregio, as the internship is unpaid
  • The student is responsible for arranging and paying for their own accommodation in Stockholm
  • The student’s home university is the responsible authority during the internship period and for the intern’s insurance. If not applicable, the intern can be covered by Nordregio’s insurance

Applications, including a CV and cover letter explaining your interest in Nordregio, should be addressed to [email protected]. The internship team is also happy to answer any questions you might have about the program.

Please note that Nordregio’s capacity to accept interns fluctuates and we cannot guarantee the number of places that will be offered within each period.

FAQs about internships at Nordregio

Is it possible to write my thesis as part of my internship?

Absolutely. This works best when the student has an open mind on the thesis topic and specific questions to be addressed. Our projects tend to be pretty set and it is generally not possible to adapt the focus to fit a student’s thesis. If you are able to adapt the research questions of the thesis to align with those of the project (or at least something closely related) it can work really well. 

Can I undertake my internship through distance work?

As a Nordic institution, we try to offer internship opportunities to students from all Nordic countries wherever possible. At the same time, it has been our experience that students have a much richer internship experience when based at our office in Stockholm for at least some of the internship period. As such, we recommend that students spend at least some of the internship working from the office. For example, over a three-month internship, a student should plan to spend at least 4-6 weeks in Stockholm.

I am not a current student; can I still apply?

We prefer that students get credit for the internship through their course, as internships at Nordregio are unpaid. It is still possible to apply for a position if you are not enrolled in a course, but you need another form of income (e.g. grant or scholarship).

I do not speak a Nordic language; how will this affect my chances?

A Nordic language is always an asset at Nordregio but there is also room for flexibility for the right candidate. For example, if there were two equally well-fitting candidates and one has a Nordic language and the other does not, we will tend to go for the one with the language skills. At the same time, we have also taken interns in the past who do not speak a Nordic language as their other skills made them a really good fit for the role. Other European languages can also be an asset, depending on the tasks associated with the specific assignment. In short, no harm in giving it a try!

How long should I expect to wait to hear if my application was successful?

The whole process usually takes around six weeks following the closing date for applications. Interviews are generally conducted with our preferred applicant/s within a month and the appointments are made within two weeks of that. Unsuccessful candidates are contacted once the entire process is complete.

Do you take open applications?

We generally offer four positions each year (two in spring & two in autumn). Tasks are clearly defined prior to recruitment based on the needs of the organization at the time and the positions are open to all to apply. When developing the positions, we also take into account the needs of students based on inquiries received in the lead-up to the recruitment round. In this respect, we encourage you to reach out regarding your interest in an internship, but you should keep in mind that you will still need to go through the recruitment process once the position is announced.  

Didn’t find the answer to your question here? Email us: [email protected]

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