Open call for picture submission

Help Nordregio to visualise life in the Nordic cross-border areas during COVID-19

Do you live in a Nordic cross-border area? Or have you visited any of these areas before or during the pandemic? Maybe you took a bunch of pictures there?

The cross-border communities are facing many challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic and closed borders. Life is not the same any more – many have had to change their daily life and work routines. Nordregio researchers are working on several projects in relation to this situation and you will hear about them very soon. To complement the studies and raise awareness about the current challenges, we would like to ask you to contribute with pictures from Nordic cross-border regions.

Guidelines for submission:

  • The submitted picture is made by the person who is submitting;
  • One person can submit up to 5 pictures;
  • The pictures are taken in cross-border areas in the Nordics;
  • The caption describes the location, time and situation portrayed;
  • If people are portrayed in the picture, and their face is recognizable, their signed consent to publish a picture should be provided;
  • If people in the picture are under 18 years old, the parents’ signed consent to publish the picture should be provided;
  • The pictures size is min 1 MB – max 16 MB;
  • The picture formats are jpg, jpeg, png.
  • Share your pictures by the 5th of March!

The pictures will be used to illustrate Nordregio’s scientific publications and communications material related to the studies. The submissions are not subsidized but a clear reference to the author will be made.

If you have any questions or concerns, please, contact [email protected]