5 Mar, 2021

The long-term vision for rural areas

In over 20 different hubs all around Europe, rural policy, society and science representatives have been working on creating a vision for the rural areas as part of the SHERPA Horizon 2020-project. Now the position paper Long-term vision for rural...
3 Mar, 2021

During 2017-2020, what did we learn about sustainable rural development?

Each Nordic country is different, but also similar. The similarities make it possible to learn from one another, and differences highlight the meaning and uniqueness of creative local solutions. Nordic cooperation is generally considered to be an...
2 Mar, 2021

Nordregio Researcher Fellow Sandra Oliveira e Costa named co-chief editor of PLAN!

Research Fellow Sandra Oliveira e Costa will act as co-chief editor of the Swedish journal PLAN, besides continuing her work at Nordregio. Besides continuing her work at Nordregio, Research Fellow Sandra Oliveira e Costa will work, together with...
25 Feb, 2021

Open call for picture submission

Help Nordregio to visualise life in the Nordic cross-border areas during COVID-19 Do you live in a Nordic cross-border area? Or have you visited any of these areas before or during the pandemic? Maybe you took a bunch of pictures there? The...
16 Feb, 2021

5th March, Nordregio presents Nordic service collaboration in an OECD event

5th March, the OECD launches a new report and invites you to an afternoon: Delivering Quality Education and Health Care to all. The event will kick off with high-level interventions on policies to address territorial inequalities in service...
10 Feb, 2021

Nordregio is hiring: Head of GIS Department

Nordregio is inviting applications for a senior position as Head of GIS Department. Working at Nordregio means an opportunity to become part of a truly international research environment with a focus on sustainable regional development in the Nordic...


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