30 Nov, 2020

10 December: Welfare in sparsely populated areas and how to organize social services and care

One of the biggest challenges in sparsely populated areas in the Nordic region is to recruit and retain staff in social services and care. The needs and challenges are great. At the same time, there are good solutions that contribute to sustainable...
30 Nov, 2020

30 Nov-1 Dec: Long-term vision for rural areas, SHERPA

What are the key drivers that will shape rural areas by 2040? And how to engage with the local actors and share their visions? In the annual conference fo SHERPA (Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors) these will be one of the...
19 Nov, 2020

23 Nov: “Perceptions of Spatial Injustice” – Policy discussion

Join the webinar series to discuss policies related to spatial injustice! This is the first in a series of RELOCAL Policy Webinars focussing on one of the key topics addressed in the RELOCAL project, i.e. perceptions of spatial injustices in various...
17 Nov, 2020

Stronger cross-border cooperation after the pandemic

Cross-border activities came dramatically to a halt in the spring of 2020 as a result of measures adopted to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. The ability to work, socialise, do business and use services across borders is an integral part of...
20 Oct, 2020

Bioeconomy – a super force for the Nordic region?

A new article written by Nordregio researchers shines a light on the benefits and advantages of bioeconomy for regional development in the Nordic region, showing that many new jobs were created over the past years in rural areas When we speak about...
19 Oct, 2020

26 October: Scottish and Nordic lessons on reversing depopulation

Welcome to the webinar 26 October at 17.30 -18.45 (CET) about Scottish and Nordic perspectives on the common objective of repopulating rural and remote areas hosted by Scottish Government. This session will offer Scottish and Nordic perspectives on...


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