22 Apr, 2021

How do the Nordic countries and Europe work towards the SDGs?

How do Nordic and European organisations support Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) implementation at the local level? Which initiatives are relevant for different Nordic countries? Nordregio together with The Norwegian Association of Local and...
22 Apr, 2021

Is territorial governance needed in smart specialisation and maritime planning?

What is the role of territorial governance in supporting smart specialisation? Is maritime spatial planning moving towards policymaking that is inspired by territorial governance approaches? Nordregio’s researchers have published two...
16 Apr, 2021

Triple-helix collaboration to promote Nordic urban development

The Nordic Council of Ministers has as its vision to develop the Nordic region to become the world’s most sustainable and integrated region by 2030. Therefore Nordregio, the Nordic City Network and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Task...
15 Apr, 2021

A large gap in distance to basic service

The Nordic Service Mapper is an online mapping tool that visualises the proximity to different types of basic services, including grocery stores, pharmacies, libraries and schools, across the Nordic Region. As an example of the results, we...
30 Mar, 2021

Silver economy – How to unlock the potential?

Silver economy – all economic activities linked to older age groups – has emerged as a response to population ageing in the Nordics in recent years. A new report elaborates on how municipalities respond to their ageing population in...
25 Mar, 2021

Nordregio Research Fellow speaks at Arctic Science Summit Week

Nordregio Research Fellow Leneisja Jungsberg takes part in the Arctic Science Summit Week 2021. Leneisja Jungsberg, Research Fellow a Nordregio, will participate on 25 March at Arctic Science Summit Week 2021. The event takes place online between 19...


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