10 Feb, 2021

Nordregio is hiring: Head of GIS Department

Nordregio is inviting applications for a senior position as Head of GIS Department. Working at Nordregio means an opportunity to become part of a truly international research environment with a focus on sustainable regional development in the Nordic...
4 Feb, 2021

18th February, 30min workshop with the Nordic Service Mapper

Join the Nordic Service Mapper workshop which will guide you on how to measure distances to different types of services, including grocery stores, pharmacies, libraries and schools, across the Nordic Region. Nordregio will host an English workshop...
3 Feb, 2021

“The work we are doing here is very important” – welcoming our new director Rolf Elmér

This week we welcome the new Director of Nordregio, Rolf Elmér. We discussed the challenges he expects to tackle, the expectations for his mandate and what he considers is imperative to focus on.   We know that you come...
25 Jan, 2021

Farewell interview with Nordregio’s Director Kjell Nilsson

At the end of January, Dr Kjell Nilsson is retiring after eight years as the director of Nordregio. Under his leadership, the institute has grown from 30 to more than 50 employees and has more than doubled its turnover – thereby making Nordregio...
11 Jan, 2021

“Population on Permafrost in the Arctic” – new paper by Nordregio researchers!

The new year starts with the publication of a scientific article penned by Nordregio researchers, focusing on the impact of permafrost thaw on the people living in the Arctic circumpolar permafrost region. In 2017, close to five million people lived...
18 Dec, 2020

The Geography of Higher Education – Evaluation of the Academy for Smart Specialisation

The report ‘Evaluation of the Academy for Smart Specialisation’ is the first of ‘The geography of higher education’ OECD series, which aims to help fill the gap between academic research/teaching and business/society. The Academy for Smart...


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