Just being part of it is already useful

Has the West Nordic Council planned or already made use of the Foresight Project?
The West Nordic Council, in cooperation with the Nordic Council, is soon going to hold a seminar with the title, “Sustainable regional development in the Arctic,” which be about the Foresight Project. It will be held on the 23rd and 24th of August 2016, in Qaqortoq, Greenland. Both Councils have in the past years increased their focus on the Arctic agenda. The views of the local people, businesses and local politicians in the high north are important and the project gives the decision-makers insight into their priorities. Nordregio will present the results of the project to the inhabitants of Qaqortoq and the members of the Councils will participate.

Has the data collected for the Foresight analysis proven useful to the West Nordic Council?
The fact that the West Nordic Council has been involved in the project through a workshop has made it useful. As a result, the members of the Council have been kept informed about the processes and partial conclusions. The foresight analysis becomes very useful in that context.

Can you name examples of its usefulness in relation to policy-making or strategy development?
It is too early to tell whether the project will lead to the presentation of a resolution to the three parliaments. But the useful information given in the final conclusions will help in defining a strategy for the Arctic Agenda.

Have there been any surprises regarding this project?
No, not yet, but we look forward to participating in the seminar in Qaqortoq. Maybe there will be some surprises then.

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