INTERVIEW with Tore Nysæter, Mayor of Narvik municipality

What are the benefits and disadvantages of the reform in Narvik?
The benefits of the reform are better planning and better tools for developing businesses. The reform will become a disadvantage if we do not use modern technology to bring municipal services closer to everybody, especially those in the more remote areas. Narvik started well by being the first Nordic municipality to be allowed to use sky storage with our transfers to the Google App as a work platform.

Will the reform affect the sense of belonging to a place?
I believe that the sense of belonging to a place will not diminish with the reform. It is said that the Irish have never been as proudly Irish as they have been since joining the EU.

What are the consequences for the people in terms of public services?
There will be more effective and stronger planning, more opportunities for better services for the smaller municipalities if they join a larger new one today. It is also an opportunity to create new borders that are better suited to where people live, work and travel. If we use the full potential of technology, we will bring the municipality closer to the inhabitants and free funds for better services.

What is the greatest local challenge?
How to attract more businesses. We need better planning and tools for that.

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