28-30 June, NordMap on display as part of UNECE workshop on statistical data

Nordregio’s NordMap-webmapping tool is part of the The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) workshop on statistical data dissemination and communication in Geneva in June.

Along with our static maps, Nordregio has also created an online mapping tool NordMap. NordMap displays most of Nordregio’s maps and its interactive features show development over time. Nordregio hosts NordMap and keeps it updated and harmonized with data from national statistics agencies. NordMap was created to serve Nordic actors, like national administration and planners and developers at regional levels, so most of the maps are available and comparative at regional and municipal level. NordMap is developed to be a free and easy to use tool, where you can create maps for your own need and share them online or e.g. print them for a report.

Nordregio’s Junior Research Fellow Shinan Wang and Senior Communication Advisor Pipsa Salolammi present NordMap and State of the Nordic Region 2016 at the UNECE workshop which gathers a lot of national statistic agencies together to share good practices.

Read more about the workshop: https://statswiki.unece.org/x/fAWcBw

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