Call for papers for special session on The Green Economy, Knowledge Dynamics and Regional Development Policy

Margareta Dahlström from Karlstad University and Ingrid Johnsen from Nordregio are hosting a special session on ‘The Green Economy, Knowledge Dynamics and Regional Development Policy’ during The Regional Studies Association International Conference 2014 on Diverse Regions: Building Resilient Communities and Territories, in Izmir Turkey, June 15-18.

The green economy, green growth and sustainable development are related concepts that are partly overlapping and not always clearly defined. The green economy is closely linked to innovation of goods, services and processes, e.g. in relation to clean energy and production processes, the reduction of waste, but also to organisational systems and behavioural changes that contribute to sustainable development. The role of policies at all levels from the local to the global also has a strong bearing on the concepts, and green growth and the green economy are significant concepts for the EU, OECD and the UN. The Europe 2020 strategy ‘Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’ is an example of a holistic approach aiming at an integration of ecological and social sustainable goals with goals of economic growth, where the regional level is at the heart of the matter.
Papers that address green economy issues particularly in relation to knowledge dynamics and regional development matters are welcome.
Deadline for papers is February 24th.

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