Dansk Byplanmøde 2016

Cities change and global challenges might require local solutions. The Byplanmøde in Malmö on October 6 and 7 will discuss these questions and more.

What can Danish cities learn from Malmö and other Swedish cities? How did Malmö go from being an industrial city to a successful and modern science oriented city? These are only some of the issues that will be discussed during the two day meeting and sessions.

Nordregio Research Fellow Lisbeth Greve Harbo and Senior Research Fellow Timothy Heleniak will hold one of the sessions during the Byplanmøde on “Life in the small cities”. The session will look at small cities and what opportunities they have ahead of them. What are the prognosis? What demographic and migration challenges do they face? These and more relevant questions will be discussed and real cases will be the starting point for the discussions.

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