How can we plan, design, and manage healthy and green Nordic cities?

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This was the launch event of a new handbook that provides a toolbox of methods, models, and guidelines for delivering health-promoting green spaces. 

The handbook is the culmination of the NORDGREEN project, which develops and implements smart planning and management solutions for well-designed, high-quality green spaces that promote health and well-being. 

In this launch event, researchers provided tips about using various methods, models, and guidelines for delivering health-promoting green space, and a panel provided inspiration on some success stories emerging from the Nordic Region. 



  • NORDGREEN Project and the NORD framework
  • NUMBERING- Objective and perceived indicators for health and green space 
  • OBSERVING – Public participation GIS as a participatory planning tool for healthy cities 
  • REGULATING – Integrating health perspectives in municipal green space planning and management
  • DESIGNING – Improving green space design based on health design theory and environmental psychology

Panel discussion:  

  • Linda Hagen – Health strategist from Stavanger Municipality  
  • Laura Malm-Gronroos – Planner from Espoo Municipality 
  • Thomas Randrup, Head of Subject for Landscape Governance and Management, SLU   

Annika Östman, Head of Communications, Nordregio

Green and healthy Nordic cities: How to plan, design, and manage health-promoting urban green space

This handbook aims to increase awareness and deliver knowledge to planners and policymakers on how to plan, design, and govern urban green space to promote human health and well-being. It builds on the scientific evidence showing the potential of green space to positively influence people´s health and well-being.

The handbook presents tools and methods for developing and maintaining health-promoting green space in the context of Nordic cities. Our hope with this handbook is that practitioners are both inspired and challenged to plan, design, and manage urban environments that promote the health and well-being of the people who call their cities home!