NNDR conference: Inclusion and Exclusion in the Welfare Society

The 15th interdisciplinary conference in disability research, hosted by Nordic Network on Disability Research, will take place between May 8 and 10th, in Copenhagen.

Nordregio Senior Research Fellow Moa Tunström will give a presentation reflecting on the role of research and the researcher in a Nordic policy context. She is involved in a research project on planning and design of inclusive smart cities. This project is connected both to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Nordic Co-operation Programme for Regional Development and Planning 2017–2020 and to the Action Plan for Nordic Co-operation on Disability 2018-2022, and therefore it is an interesting example of applied research at the research/policy interface.

The session “Research and the Action Plan for Nordic Co-operation on Disability 2018-2022” also consists of contributions from the perspective of the Council of Nordic co-operation on disability, national policy level and an NGO.