PECSRL 2018 – European landscapes for quality of life?

The 28th session of the PECSRL biennial international conference – European landscapes and quality of life – will be held between 3 – 9  September. Its main focus will be on the interactions between the quality of landscapes, food and life.

The conference will be hosted by the research group “Territoires”, an interdisciplinary unit that gathers geographers, economists, agronomists and social and politic scientists from 5 institutions, who will discuss the importance of re-enrooting “food to place” as an alternative to globalization and a way for bettering Public Health and quality of life.

Nordregio researcher Elin Slätmo will take part in the “Feedbacks from the management of natural resources and landscapes” session, with the presentation “Green infrastructure: a progressing spatial governing strategy in Europe.

More information about the conference can be found here.