Smart Specialisation – lessons from Norway at Skolkovo School of Management in Moscow

The School of Management SKOLKOVO (Moscow, Russia) is currently hosting an education program for the top regional management teams in one of Russian regions, Khanty Mansiysk (Ugra), in order to help inspire regional implementation of development projects.

One of the main aims of the program is to provide best practice cases on innovative diversification. Europe’s smart specialisation case is considered one such international approach to consider. Nordregio Research Fellow Mari Wøien Meijer will be giving a lecture on smart specialisation in Norway, and will also give an overview of the Norwegian Innovation system and cluster organizations, as well as providing some insight into the various policy instruments and funding programs available to the regions.

The lecture will take place at 9am on the 1st of October in Skolkovo School of Management in Moscow, Russia.