Symposium on Planning Nordic city regions: experiences and agendas

Welcome to a symposium on planning Nordic city regions. The symposium is an opportunity to share and exchange experiences of spatial planning at a city regional scale and to discuss the challenges and possibilities for urban political agendas in the Nordic countries with focus on the added value of a Nordic perspective.

The aim of the symposium is to be a venue for discussions around the politics, planning and practices of Nordic city regions. To stimulate the discussions Professor Klaus Kunzmann will have a presentation on German experiences with city regions and PhD Moa Tunstöm will reflect on the urban norm in city planning. Furthermore there will be workshops on including social and everyday dimensions in city regional planning, and new technical possibilities of city regional spatial analysis.

The symposium is a follow up of five national meetings with Nordic city regions in Copenhagen, Malmö, Oslo, Tampere and Reykjavik in 2014, organised by Nordic Working Group 4 Green Growth: Sustainable urban regions. Invited to the symposium are city representatives and regional authorities working with spatial planning and regional development issues but also national representatives from all Nordic countries will participate.

The programme can be downloaded here.

The seminar opened up good discussion as the city representatives, regional authorities, consultants and researchers came together in May to share experiences and to come up with solutions.

Read the seminar summary here