Webinars on the Future of Urban Agriculture

Join this webinar series that will explore the multifaceted realm of urban agriculture. Delve into the intersections of innovation and legislation, culture, and education and science, and discover how they collectively shape the future of urban farming.

Whether you are an urban agriculture enthusiast, policy-maker, community leader, educator, or simply curious about the future of our cities, these webinars offer a unique opportunity to gain insights, share experiences, and contribute to the ongoing transformation of urban agriculture. We look forward to your presence at these enlightening events as we collectively cultivate a sustainable and vibrant urban future.

Webinar 1: “Cultivating Change: The Future of Urban Agriculture in the Nexus of Innovation and Legislation”

When: Jun 8, 2023 11:00 AM Riga/Helsinki

Register in advance for this webinar: https://ej.uz/f3bu

In this webinar, we will unravel the transformative power of innovation and legislation in urban agriculture. Explore cutting-edge technologies, practices, and policies that are revolutionizing urban farming. Gain insights into how innovation maximizes food production, enhances sustainability, and ensures resilience. Discover the crucial role of legislation in creating an enabling environment for urban agriculture to flourish. Join us to be part of the conversation shaping the future of our cities through urban farming.

Webinar 2: “Cultivating Community: The Future of Urban Agriculture in Connection with Culture”

When: Jun 8, 2023 02:00 PM Riga/Helsinki

Register in advance for this webinar: https://ej.uz/c52y

Join us for an inspiring webinar that explores the profound relationship between urban agriculture, culture, and community-building. Discover how urban agriculture can strengthen community ties, celebrate cultural diversity, and foster social cohesion. Learn about the transformative power of community gardens, rooftop farms, and urban farming projects in promoting healthy lifestyles, preserving cultural heritage, and connecting people with nature. Be part of this conversation as we cultivate vibrant communities through the lens of culture and urban agriculture.

Webinar 3: “Cultivating Knowledge: The Future of Urban Agriculture in Connection with Education and Science”

When: Jun 9, 2023 01:00 PM Riga/Helsinki

Register in advance for this webinar: https://ej.uz/eduo

In this enlightening webinar, we will delve into the pivotal role of education and science in the future of urban agriculture. Explore how educational initiatives and scientific advancements are driving innovation and sustainability in urban farming. Discover how urban agriculture can serve as a powerful educational tool, fostering scientific curiosity, environmental awareness, and food literacy. Engage with experts and researchers who are leading the way in cultivating knowledge through urban agriculture. Join us to unlock the potential of education and science in shaping the future of our urban landscapes.

Please note that on 8 June, in addition to participating in the webinars online, you will also have the opportunity to attend the webinars in person at the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia, 13/3 Marijas Street in Riga. If you would like to attend these events in person, please secure your place by writing to [email protected] no later than 6 June.

If you would like to attend the webinar on 9 June in person, you are welcome to attend the Conversation Festival LAMPA in Cēsis, “Ziemeļsala” stage. More information: https://ej.uz/9jff