Join the Nordic Region at the UN climate talks

People have high expectations of the COP24 climate negotiations in December but also significant concerns. Will the world manage to follow up on the Paris Agreement? The Nordic Pavilion will provide a venue to discuss Nordic challenges and solutions. Nordregio will participate with two events, one on energy efficiency in the building sector and one on the biobased society. Join the discussion in Katowice and on social media!

The nations of the world will gather in the Polish city of Katowice 3–14 December to talk about how to implement in practice the pledges made in Paris in 2015 to limit global warming to 1.5°.

Dialogue and knowledge sharing
A great deal of water has passed under the bridge since then. What impact will the troubled global political climate have on the negotiations?

The Nordic Council of Ministers has no formal role at COP24, and the countries do not negotiate as a bloc. Nevertheless, we do work together via the Nordic Working Group for Global Climate Negotiations (NOAK).

Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges will be the main heading for activities at the pavilion in Katowice – demonstrating how Nordic climate solutions can help reduce global greenhouse-gas emissions and encouraging dialogue and knowledge sharing about the main climate challenges faced by the Nordic countries.

Theme days
Each day of COP24 will have its own theme, starting on Monday 3 December with young people – those who will inherit what is perhaps the biggest challenge humankind has faced in modern times. How should we relate to these prospects for the future? By speaking up, taking action and making demands!

Other themes on the following days will include transport, green construction, the bioeconomy, urban solutions, the Arctic, changes in the energy market, green financial markets and how to negotiate progress on the Paris Agreement.