Maritime security is in the focus at NORDRESS meeting 9 May

NORDRESS is a Nordic Centre of Excellence On Resilience and Societal Security – hosted by the Centre for sustainable development at University of Iceland. Nordregio is participating a project, that focuses on Maritime Security, with a special focus on the ocean between Greenland and Iceland.

The project is concerned with all aspects of potential hazards in Arctic Maritime zones, due to increased passenger traffic, potential actions, effects and solutions. Researcher Anna Karlsdóttir at Nordregio has research expertise on Cruise ships in the North Atlantic and the Arctic is she is invited to participate the project working group.

Other partners in the project are the Icelandic Coastal Guards, The Danish defence authority, Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research – COPE, University of Copenhagen, SarEye (Search and Rescue), Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police.

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