Nordic cities in new export effort

Nordregio has assembled an impressive collection of cases to be used as part of the Nordic Sustainable Cities export campaign. These showcase cities are part of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ effort to find Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges, a flagship project of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nordic cities often go to the top of international rankings for both livability as well as sustainability. Green solutions are part of the DNA of local planners and developers throughout the Nordic regions and now a major effort is unfolding to share these practices internationally.

Last year Nordregio published a white paper outlining the specific features of Nordic sustainable cities. This includes a closer look at features like spatial planning systems, public/private partnerships, the role of civil society and corporate social responsibility.

The White Paper on Nordic Sustainable Cities was launched last year at Nordic Edge and also presented at COP23 in Bonn.

Nordic sustainable cities

Now a collection of cities that embody these qualities have been selected. They are prime examples of – respectively – the inclusive, healthy, resilient, green, low-carbon and smart city, as the categories in the White Paper go. Or else they exemplify the additional categories of the mobility city, the circular economy city or the design city.

You can see all examples at

Nordregio’s sister organization Nordic Innovation – project lead for the overall initiative – is heading an export endeavor aimed at the US, China and India, using the cities in the Nordregio case collection as examples. Outreach material is being developed in collaboration with Nordic export councils and local partners in the three target markets, see e.g.

A series of articles is currently also being produced to present some of the prime case stories in Nordic media, so stay tuned for an exciting follow-up.