Open call for new healthcare solutions

Is your municipality or region already using, or planning to use digital solutions in healthcare or social care? Nordregio is a part of the VOPD project that is looking for organisations that wish to update their service model. Express your interest to be involved in the VOPD project – Vård och omsorg på distans – Healthcare and care with distance-spanning technologies, and the selected ones will be provided with expert support to implement e-health solutions.  This is a priority project during 2018–2020 forming part of the Swedish Presidency Programme of Nordic Council of Ministers 2018. The priority project covers also the collaboration “ePrescriptions across country borders”.

Please read more from the Short project overview and fill in the Expression of interest form. Deadline to submit an Expression of interest is 28 May 2019.

In addition to this open call, Nordregio will conduct one case study in each of the Nordic countries: East Iceland: Fjarðabyggð and Fljótsdalshéraði (Iceland), Västerbotten: Storuman (Sweden), Region Nordjylland: Morsø Kommune (Denmark), Sogn og Fjordane: Luster kommune (Norway) and South Karelia: Lappeenranta (Finland).