Open call for regions: Experts are ready to support you in e-health solutions!

Nordregio is a part of VOPD project (Health care and care with distance-spanning technologies, e-health and digitalisation) and now it is time for the second open call for regions and to introduce the new publication:

2nd call for regions, municipalities and their healthcare and social care service providers

We have experts ready to support you in your implementation of distance-spanning solutions! We are looking for you that aim to develop your service model to offer healthcare and social care services closer to or in the citizens own homes through distance-spanning solutions. The call will open from the 24th of January 2020 to the 28th of February 2020. If you are a private or public service provider of healthcare and/or social care you are welcome to apply for support. Read more from the official website:

New publication is out: 24 practical distance-spanning solutions for healthcare and social care

Our new publication Healthcare and care through distance-spanning solutions contains 24 practical examples from the Nordic region. What they have in common is that they are implemented, available for the population locally – and proven to work. Another distinguishing feature of these solutions is that they are a collection of digital services that make a big difference to many people around the Nordic region. All 27 million inhabitants in the Nordic region come at some point in contact with one of these solutions, either personally, through a relative or someone else in their vicinity. The publication is primarily aimed at decision-makers at different levels, but it can be read by anyone interested in the effects of digital solutions on healthcare and care. The publication is available in English and Swedish, read more from the project website: