Intra-metropolitan polycentricity in practice

Reflections,challenges and conclusions from 12 European metropolitan areas.

The report summarises the intense work undertaken over an 18-month period by the METREX Expert Group on Intra-Metropolitan Polycentricity (IMP) set up in early 2009 on the initiative of the Regional Planning Office, Stockholm County Council and has been supported by Peter Schmitt (Nordregio) and Susan Brockett (Plan and Process)

Spatial planners from twelve metropolitan areas across Europe (Emilia-Romagna, Frankfurt Rhine-Main, Helsinki City-Region, Île-de-France, Metropolitan Region Central Germany, Metropolitan Region Rotterdam – The Hague, Naples Metropolitan Area, Sofia Metropolitan Area, Stockholm Region, Tri-City Agglomeration, Veneto Region, Warsaw Metropolitan Area) were gathered together to distinguish and further explore three thematic strands deemed to be closely related to the concept of polycentricity ‘within’ metropolitan areas. These were a) Metropolitan Governance and the Implementation of Plans and Policies, b) Urban Sprawl and Climate Change Response, and c) Economic Competitiveness and Functional Labour Division between Centres.

The report draws attention in particular to the major challenges, to reflect current methods, practices, routines and debates, and to share lessons and experiences with regard to the performance, applicability and implementation of the concept of polycentric in the respective metropolitan areas represented in the group.