Redefining spatial planning

Nordregio’s Senior Research Fellow Lukas Smas participates at the PLANNORD research symposium to discuss and present two papers on regional and strategic urban planning in Northern Europe. The symposium is held on 16-18 August in Helsinki.

Two years ago, researchers gathered at the PLANNORD symposium in Stockholm to discuss challenges of spatial planning in the face of new modes of governance, market-driven urbanization and climate change. Is planning being redefined? How are these challenges and opportunities to be understood, especially in the Nordic context?

This year’s symposium continues the discussion in Helsinki. The participants will reflect on the efforts to reform planning institutions, emerging forms of agency in planning, new instruments of knowledge management, and new experiments in, and evidence from adding agility and harnessing creativity in planning.

Lukas Smas, Senior Research Fellow at Nordregio, will contribute to the sessions on:

Wednesday, 16 August 16:00-17:30

A roundtable discussion “Redefining planning in Northern Europe” together with Dominic Stead, Lukas Smas, Raine Mäntysalo, Frank Othengrafen and Daniel Galland

Thursday, 17 August 10:30-12:30

Presentation of the paper “Regional planning in Sweden – an undefined floating object?” (upcoming publication)
Peter Schmitt and Lukas Smas

Thursday, 17 August 15.15–17.15

Presentation of the paper “How strategic is master planning in the Nordic capitals?” (upcoming publication)
Johanna Lilius, Raine Mäntysalo and Lukas Smas

The 8th Nordic planning research symposium of the PLANNORD network takes place at Aalto university, Helsinki. PLANNORD is a platform for networking and exchange of knowledge concerning spatial planning. It is an informal forum that primarily operates in a Nordic context. It is comprised by planning academics and practitioners who gather to discuss changes in planning activities and experiences.

Find the full program of symposium here.