The acronym PROFECY is derived from the words Processes, Features and Cycles, which sum up key aspects of Inner Peripheries which, despite the increasing popularity of the term in the regional policy discourse, remain poorly understood.

The main purpose of this project, is to develop an evidence based and a conceptual framework which can provide firm foundations for policy recommendations which are both broadly applicable and tailored to the needs of a range of specific contexts, in order to prevent further decline and to enhance territorial cohesion. Mapping of appropriate indicators at the NUTS 3 level will allow different types of Inner Periphery to be identified. A number of detailed case studies will be carried out in order to better understand the processes which lead to areas becoming inner peripheries, and to develop forms of intervention appropriate to their various challenges and potentials.

This is an ESPON 2020 project, coordinated by Universitat de Valencia (Spain) and involving partners in Hungary, Germany, Poland, Italy and Austria. Find more information on the ESPON website.