Super research week in Iceland 4-9 October

This week all eyes are on Iceland: Nordic Bioeconomy Panel, NordBio’s Nordic Bioeconomy programme final conference and Arctic Circle take place in Reykjavik Iceland.

The Nordic Bioeconomy Panel 4 October

The Nordic Bioeconomy Panel is a formal policy and strategy forum set up by the Ministers for Co-operation(MR-SAM). Originally an initiative proposed by the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers, the panel’s main job is to draw up proposals for a Nordic strategy for the bioeconomy, outlining options and practical measures to promote sustainable bioeconomies. Nordregio’s Senior Researcher Jukka Teräs takes part in the panel on the 4th of October in Reykjavik.

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Nordbio’s final conference 5-6 October

Nordbio’s conference on bioeconomy, sustainability and the outcome of the Nordic Bioeconomy Initiative (NordBio). NordBio is a three-year program, launched by the Icelandic chairmanship of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2014. Within this program Nordic experts are pooling their efforts to promote sustainable use of living natural resources, taking into account and integrating social and environmental aspects. The aim of the whole program is to facilitate the development of a competitive economy based on living resources and to introduce new and innovative methods in youth education. October 2016 will be a perfect time to present the outcomes, to discuss the opportunities ahead and to sow new seeds for the future.

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Arctic Circle assembly 7-9 October

The Arctic Circle is the largest network of international dialogue and cooperation on the future of the Arctic. It is an open democratic platform with participation from governments, organizations, corporations, universities, think tanks, environmental associations, indigenous communities, concerned citizens, and others interested in the development of the Arctic and its consequences for the future of the globe. It is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization. Over 400 speakers are expected to the assembly and Nordregio will host a breakout session: Sustainable Regional Development in the Nordic Arctic on Sunday 9 October (

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