The Territorial Dimension of Poverty and Social Exclusion in Europe (TIPSE)

Seminar and workshop, 25 November 2014, Stockholm, Sweden

The purpose with the workshop is to discuss the main conceptual, methodological and empirical findings from TiPSE and their relevance from a European and Nordic perspective.

The ESPON TiPSE project has tackled the issue of poverty and processes of social exclusion in Europe. The project has contributed to improve the evidence base for policy to promote inclusive growth.

The ESPON TiPSE has been aiming at supporting policy, both by enhancing the evidence base and by identifying existing good practice. Poverty and social exclusion are essentially relative concepts, arguably meaningful only within a specified geographical context. This underlines the central importance of observation, measurement, and careful data analysis as an essential preparation for intervention.
The main outcomes of the project have been the generation of a regional database and associated maps, of poverty and social exclusion indicators, as well as mapping of macro and micro-scale patterns of poverty and social exclusion across the ESPON space. Furthermore, the project has derived recommendations for the monitoring of territorial trends in poverty and processes of exclusion.

Register by email to [email protected] by 17 November. State your name, organisation, and email address. The seminar is free of charge, but the number of participants is limited. The language of the seminar will be English.

Download a draft of the workshop programme