16 March, Nordregio is co-hosting a workshop on Sustainable Urban Development at ArkDes, Stockholm

The workshop focuses on a new Nordic branding and export initiative for sustainable cities in India, China and North America

Sustainable urban development is a ‘hot’ topic – for the climate, the environment and the increasing population that lives and works in cities. The interest in Nordic cities is large, which creates good opportunities to export our sustainable solutions that help to reduce negative impacts of urbanization, and increase employment in the Nordic region.

On 16th March, participants will be welcomed to influence the new branding and export initiative of the Nordic Council of Ministers with a focus on India, China and North America. Attendants will share their concrete examples of solutions, discuss the characteristics of Nordic sustainable urban development and define how to benefit from our Nordic brand.

More information about the branding and export initiative, and Nordregio’s role in it.