30 Aug Webinar: From Migrants to Workers with Nordregio researchers

How can newly arrived migrants be included in local communities? What are the different roles of the local, regional and national actors in managing labour market integration? In this webinar, Leneisja Jungsberg and Hjördís Rut Sigurjónsdóttir, researchers at Nordregio, share the results of the study “From Migrants to Workers”.

Since 1990, the population of the Nordic countries has grown by 15 percent up to 26.5 million people, mainly due to immigration from abroad. Still many Nordic municipalities struggle with declining and ageing populations, and labour shortages. In this webinar, Leneisja Jungsberg and Hjördís Rut Sigurjónsdóttir will discuss the role of migrants in rural and remote areas and the local practices in the regions which have included immigration as part of their development strategy. They will also share the key lessons of local labour market integration, different approaches (or lack of) to social integration, characteristics of small communities managing a successful integration and policy implications for good integration practices. The discussion will be based on previous research which was commissioned by the Nordic Working Group on Demography and Welfare under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Join the webinar on 30 August, 13-14 (CEST)!

The webinar is a part of the project “Welcoming refugees and migrants to rural areas”, which is a part of the European Rural Parliament 2017.


Josefin Heed

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