Nordregio is involved in a variety of projects running in parallel – usually 50 or more commitments at any given time. These projects are frequently implemented in cooperation with other research institutes and partners, thus adding to Nordregio’s adaptability and scope.


Stockholm University (Sweden)
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
Linköping University (Sweden)
University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
Aalborg University (Denmark)
Roskilde University (Denmark)
Tromsø University (Norway)
Turku University (Finland)
University of Eastern Finland (Finland)
University of Lapland (Finland)
UMS RIATE at University of Denis Diderot Paris 7 (France)
University of Akureyri (Iceland)
University of Latvia (Latvia)
University of Applied Sciences Eberswalde (Germany)
Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (Germany)
Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
IGSO – Polish Academy of Sciences (Poland)
University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
University of Barcelona (Spain)
University of Valencia (Spain)
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Aberystwyth University (U.K.)
University of Birmingham (U.K.)
University of Newcastle upon Tyne (U.K.)

Public agencies

Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis (Sweden)
Innovation Norway (Norway)
Geological Survey of Finland (Finland)
Fundacion Tecnalia (Spain)
Tudomanyos Akademia Regionâ (Hungary)

Public association

UBC – Union of the Baltic Cities (International)

Private association

ÖIR – Austrian Institute for Regional Studies and Spatial Planning (Austria)

Private consulting firms

Technopolis Consulting Group (International)
Spiekermann & Wegener (Germany)
Sweco EuroFutures AB (Sweden)
Rambøll Management Consulting (International)
WSP (International)