As a research institute under the Nordic Council of Ministers, Nordregio is involved in several Nordic co-operation programmes to facilitate exchange of information between key stakeholders and the overall development of the Nordic Region.

The main steering document in this context is the Nordic Co-operation Programme for Regional Development and Planning, but Nordregio also acts as secretariat for the Nordic Arctic Co-operation Programme as well as contributing to the work on “Our vision 2030”.

Nordic Co-operation Programme for Regional Development and Planning 2021-2024.
Nordic Thematic Groups 2021-2024

The main purpose of the Nordic thematic groups 2021-2024 is to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experience between regional policy stakeholders in the Nordic countries, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland. The groups build on the work of the previous groups for 2017-2020.

Find the results of previous Nordic thematic groups here:
Nordic thematic groups 2017-2020
Nordic working groups 2013-2016

Nordic Arctic Co-operation programme 

The Arctic co-operation programme contributes to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ vision of an “innovative, borderless, visible and outward-looking Nordic Region”.

Our Vision 2030

Our vision is to make the Nordic Region the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. Find more in Action plan 2021-2024.