Nordregio contributes to the Nordic co-operation and regional policy development by acting as the secretariat for four working groups under the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Committee of Senior Officials for Regional Policy (EK-R).

The Nordic working groups provide arenas for Nordic policy-makers and planners to meet, exchange ideas and experiences, discuss trends and policy measures and produce new knowledge on regional development, policies and planning tools.

The activities of the working groups are continuously developed via collaboration between the members of the working group, i.e., national representatives from ministries or national authorities. Nordregio hosts the secretariats for the working groups, and conducts applied research on behalf of the working groups.

An important task for all working groups is to contribute to the implementation of the “Nordic regional-policy collaboration programme 2013-2016”.

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No matter how long the strongholds of a traditional university may last, entrepreneurship and innovation in public universities are unavoidable as much as the circumstances, determined by the context of change, are unavoidable (Clark, 1998; Slaughter & Leslie, 1 997). As Clark Kerr (cited in Clark, 1998) notes:
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