Nordic Industrial Symbiosis Network helps to realize Circular Economy

Nordregio’s Senior Research Fellow Jukka Teräs joins a conference “Change or Die. Circular Economy in the Process Industry” on 15 August, in Arendal, Norway to present findings of the Nordic Industrial Symbiosis study. Teräs will also introduce the Nordic Industrial Symbiosis Network that was launched at the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki earlier this year.

Industrial symbiosis can be viewed as one of the possible approaches to realizing a circular economy and achieving green growth. In Finland and Denmark, for example, there is generally a strong top-down approach, accompanied by a clear vision and comprehensive strategies for a circular economy/industrial symbiosis at the national and regional levels. Industrial symbiosis exchanges have been facilitated by municipal and regional actors together with key private companies. Jukka Teräs will also discuss a recent initiative in the field: the establishment of the Nordic Industrial Symbiosis Network.

The conference “Change or Die. Circular Economy in the Process Industry” is organised by PROSIN, the process industrial arena for research-based innovation in Norway. The event is a part of the official Arendalsuka program which takes place in Arendal, Norway every year in August, to encourage political and societal debate.

The Nordic Industrial Symbiosis study was commissioned by the Nordic Working Group on Green Growth – Innovation & Entrepreneurship.