Nordregio participates at TRIBORN bioenergy development meeting

TRIBORN (standing for Triple Bottom Line Outcomes for Bioenergy Development and Innovation in Rural Norway) is a Norwegian-led research project running 2014-2016. The main research question is: How should systems and strategies for bio-energy innovation be designed to promote Triple Bottom Line benefits in rural areas and to promote the achievement of national bioenergy targets in Norway?

TRIBORN studies governance of bio-energy development in rural areas and has its main focus on Norway, but international comparative case studies are used to draw lessons from abroad. The Swedish and Finnish case studies have been conducted by Nordregio in Mid Sweden and North Karelia. Nordregio participates a project meeting in Oslo on the 7th of April that focuses on dissemination plans and on producing outlines for policy papers, transdisciplinary articles and ideas for new proposals. TRIBORN project considers Regional Innovation Systems approaches whilst applying and developing a method called the Grounded Innovation Platform (GRIP), emphasizing a bottom-up process based on the involvement of private and public stakeholders in order to generate legitimate rural development.

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