1-3 September workshop: Migrant integration to rural territories

Join Nordregio in a Migrant integration to rural territories workshop organized by the Finnish Village Action Association, Hela Sverige Ska Leva and Nordregio at the Finnish Rural Parliament.

Politics, talk and parliament

The Finnish Rural Parliament gathers together actors from across Finland, the Nordic countries and Europe, who are interested in developing the countryside. It is a forum for everyone, including rural residents and decision-makers, associations and entrepreneurs, researchers and developers and funders, villages and towns. The Event is part of the Finland’s centenary year 2017 programme.

English language workshops (14.00-16.00), Saturday, 2nd of September

Migrant integration to rural territories

Europe has witnessed a huge influx of migrants over the past few years. What do these newcomers mean to rural territories? Are they a threat or an opportunity? Welcome to discuss the hot topic in the workshop organized by the Finnish Village Action Association, Hela Sverige Ska Leva and Nordregio. European Rural Parliament outlined in November, 2015: “The arrival of desperate people from areas of conflict and disaster, seeking refuge and new lives inEurope, is provoking thought and action within our networks. While urging governments and otheragencies to work urgently to solve the underlying causes of this crisis, We call for a warm-heartedresponse, based on solidarity between peoples. We believe that for many rural areas, and particularlythose with declining populations, this offers an opportunity to integrate refugees and other newcomers.The process of integration must include the necessary job creation, investment in housing, servicesand infrastructure. Successful integration efforts should be celebrated.”

The workshop updates our rural policy views on migration and integration from Scandinavian and Finnish perspectives, and presents some good local practices.

Please sign up before 26 June 2017

Read more and sign up: http://www.maaseutuparlamentti.fi/en/rural_parliament

Finnish Rural Parliament programme for international participants (pdf)