21 March, TRIBORN seminar on effective policies for bioenergy innovation

Experts, policy-makers and practitioners from the Nordic countries and Italy will share insights and examples of promoting local and sustainable bioenergy production.

As the TRIBORN project is reaching the final stage, it is important to ensure that the suggested policy recommendations are relevant for the local, regional and national levels of policy making, as well as for the EU level. During the one-day seminar and workshop, co-hosted by Nordregio, participants will discuss the most effective policies and practices which can promote local and sustainable bioenergy production. The Nordic response to the proposed EU renewable energy directive 2020-30, will also be a part of the discussions.


The research project TRIBORN (Securing triple bottom line outcomes from bioenergy innovation in rural Norway) has been running since 2014. TRIBORN investigates how to increase the production of bioenergy in ways that promote sustainable development in rural areas.

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