City-regions are increasingly important political and functional arenas for addressing the challenges associated with globalization and climate change, along with the key issues of creating sustainable, inclusive and attractive urban regions. This Nordic working group focuses on how spatial planning can contribute to green growth in Nordic city regions.

Main tasks of the working group:

  • Identifying and analysing examples of urban forms and planning processes that can be models for different types of Nordic city-regions, and which can also be inspiring other city-regions in Europe.
  • Contributing to knowledge on city-regional planning tools/models/concepts, and how they could be used, implemented and translated in practice.
  • Facilitating exchange of planning and policy experiences between the Nordic city-regions with regards to development and planning for attractive and sustainable city-regions.

Working programme 2015-2016

The activities of the working group are continuously developed via collaboration between the members of the working group, i.e., national representatives from ministries or national authorities, and the key stakeholders, i.e., policymakers and planners in the municipalities and regions in the 17 larger city-regions in Norden, with an equal focus on theoretical and practical approaches.

Nordregio hosts the secretariat for the working group, and conducts applied research on behalf of the working group.